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Cuba Vs Ebola in the News

Cuban ebola team nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
People’s World 3-18 2015

Cuban. Doctor. Ebola survivor
Word Health Organization (WHO) April 2015

One Year Later, Ebola Outbreak Offers Lessons for Next Epidemic
New York Time 3-22-15

International donations to the Ebola virus outbreak: too little, too late?
The BMJ 2-3-15

Meet Cuban Ebola Fighters: Interview with Félix Báez and Jorge Pérez. A MEDICC Review Exclusive
MEDICC Review January 2015

Cuban doctors take leading role in fighting Ebola
The Telegraph 1-29-2015

Cuban health worker in West Africa to help fight Ebola epidemic dies of malaria 
Associated Press 1-19-2015

Cuban MD Who Recovered from Ebola Returns to Sierra Leone
Havana Times 1-15-2015

US Embargo Stalled Payment to Cuban Ebola Doctors – ABC News
ABC News 12-12-14

Meet Some of the Most Under-Appreciated Doctors in the Fight Against Ebola
ABC News 12-12-14

Person of the Year: Ebola Fighters
Time Magazine 12-10-14

Recovered from Ebola, Cuban doctor returns home
Reuters 12-6-14

Ebola control: the Cuban approach
The Lancet 12-5-14

Cuba doctor infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone arrives in Switzerland for treatment
U.S. News & World Report 11-21-2014

Ebola-infected Cuban doctor to be flown to Geneva for treatment
Reuters 11-19-2014

Ebola outbreak: Doctor becomes ‘first’ Cuban diagnosed
BBC  News 11-19-2014

Cuba’s health diplomacy in the age of Ebola
BBC News, 11-14-14

Why Cuba Is So Good at Fighting Ebola
Time Magazine 11-5-2014, featuring  Gail Reed,  Research Director
Executive Editor, MEDICC Review 

Cuba’s Ebola Diplomacy
The New Yorker 11-4-2014

New Ebola Treatment Unit opens in Monrovia, Liberia

World Health Organization 10-31-2014

Samantha Power Praises Cuba’s Ebola Response, Defends U.S. Quarantine Guidelines
Newsweek 10-21-2014

U.S. and Cuba Come Together Over Ebola, Infuriating Republicans

The New York Times 10-31-2014

Nations in Americas join in battle against Ebola
Associated Press 10-30-2014

US officials attend Ebola meeting in Cuba, despite frosty relations
BBC 10-29-2014

Guinea Welcomes Cuban Doctors in Ebola Fight
Voice of America 10-27-2014

The Heat: Fighting the Ebola outbreak
CCTV America 10-27-14  Interview featuring  Gail Reed,  Research Director
Executive Editor, MEDICC Review

Despite Diplomatic Friction, US and Cuba Working Together Against Ebola

ABC News 10-23-2014

Cuba calling: what this small island can teach the world about disease control
The Guardian 10-23-2014   written by Conner Gorry, MEDICC Review Senior Editor

Ebola Outbreak Opens Opportunity For Unlikely US-Cuba Cooperation
International Business Times  10-21-2014 Featuring Pierre LaRamée, MEDICC Executive Director

Cuba’s Impressive Role on Ebola
The New York Times 10-19-2014

How Cuba is leading the international fight against Ebola
Public Radio International’s The World 10-17-2014, Interview with Gail Reed, MEDICC Review Executive Editor

Kerry: Ebola presents “test of global citizenship”
Associated Press 10-17-2014

We Need Medical Boots on the Ground Now
Common Dreams 10-16-2014

Cuba to the rescue: Ebola-stricken countries welcome Castro’s doctors
The Christian Science Monitor 10-15-2014

Cuba leads fight against Ebola in Africa as west frets about border security
The Guardian 10-11-2014

Cuban Doctors at the Forefront of Ebola Battle in Africa:
Island Nation Outpaces Larger Countries in Sending Medical Staff; Unlikely Partner for U.S.
The Wall Street Journal 10-9-2014

In the medical response to Ebola, Cuba is punching far above its weight
The Washington Post 10-4-2014

Cuba sending 300 more doctors, nurses to fight Ebola in West Africa
Reuters 9-26-2014

As Ebola grows out of control, WHO pleads for more health workers
Reuters 9-12-2014

Cuba Responds to Black Market To Ebola Crisis As Black Market for Convalescent Serum Emerges
Forbes 9-12-2014

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